Introducing 6 Minutes Digital Marketing…

Introducing 6 Minutes Digital Marketing…

Growing  your businesses  to  unimaginable  heights has  been  my  only  aim! 

Digital marketing in india has taken a flight since 2019. Every second business has discovered their potential now by coming ONLINE. It has been a life changing term of events for businesses and digital marketers of our country and no denial, there is no going back! 6 MINUTES DIGITAL MARKETING (6MDM) is a firm which caters to providing in-depth consultancy to boost up your business and help you achieve unimaginable growth as well as imparting knowledge related to our field which stands as very important because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


This is Rishi Upadhyay presenting before you, how can I be the ONLY PERSON your business needs now in these times. I am working as a digital consultant who will guide you and bring your entire business online applying creative ways to attract the maximum number of audience possible. I will help you grow your business by targeting the ‘very right audience’ with the ‘very right content’ to help you boost up your business to extents you would never believe. I am launching my free tips and tricks series from 1st of JUNE , 2021 with the only vision to transform small businesses into famous candidates of their field.


I have been working as a digital marketing expert to combat all the challenges your business has been facing and helping you actually making more profits. Millions of people now on the internet can be your customers now, just by a few clicks. Social Media Management, SEO, Web Development, GMB etc. are the channels which can double your customers at a very fast rate and at very cost effective prices.


There are four things that I strive for :

•I will give you proven results

•I will give you honesty and ethnicity along with free knowledge


•I put customers first.

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